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Painting Party FAQs

Where can I host my event?

You can host your painting party just about anywhere. You can reserve a sheltered picnic area at the park or use your local clubhouse, community center, school, library, or recreation center. You can, of course, host an event in your own home — a kitchen table is all you need!

What if I have fewer than 10 painters?

That's great! Intimate events are great if you’d like more individualized attention and art instruction. The starting price for a painting party is a flat rate for your private event. If you have more than 10 painters, we’ll adjust the fee.

How do I book my painting event?

Booking is easy and takes just a few steps. Click here to schedule your event.. When you make your reservation, you’ll make a non-refundable deposit of $100 via credit card. The remaining balance is due before the day of your event.

How far in advance should I book my event?

The sooner you schedule your painting party, the better. During our busy season (summer and holidays), times fill up quickly. Book early to ensure you get your preferred date and time. We just need a final guest headcount seven days before your event.

What if my headcount changes after I’ve given my final headcount?

Once you submit the final headcount (seven days before your event), the count is final, and you’re financially responsible for the total. If you get any last-minute cancelations or no-shows, you can keep any unused canvases or supplies (like stemless wine glasses for adult parties). If you need to add more painters, please email or call us ASAP, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Are there a travel or set up fees?

Set-up fees are included in your painting party. There may be a travel fee if your event location is outside our normal service area.Contact us for more details.

Are tables provided?

You provide the tables or counters — we provide drop cloths to cover your tables. Please allow at least 2 feet of space per painter for tabletop easels and canvas. We don’t have any tables for rent.

What should guests wear to a painting party?

We provide painters with full-length aprons to wear during the event; however, acrylic paint will stain clothing — so we suggest leaving your favorite pair of jeans in your closet.

Will there be a break during the class?

Yes! Art is fun, and many painters still need a break.

Kids' parties will have time for pizza, snacks, and bathroom breaks — usually after the first 30 minutes of painting. If you’re having a birthday party, we suggest serving birthday cake after class while the paintings are drying.

Are booking deposits refundable?

Deposits are non-refundable. We’re happy to apply your deposit to a one-time date change should an emergency arise.

Does The Color Express provide alcohol, refreshments, or snacks for painting events?

We don’t provide or serve any food or drinks, including alcohol. Hosts provide all food and beverages. You’re welcome to enjoy whatever food and drinks you like!

On-Site Field Trip FAQs

How early do you arrive to set up?

Groups of over 40 painters require 1 hour of set-up time. Groups of 20 to 30 take 30 minutes to set up.

How many students can paint at the same time?

Up to 150 students.

Can we break students into smaller groups?

Yes, keep in mind to enjoy the large group pricing of $14 per person, there must be at least 40 painters per hour.

Is there a need for additional set-up time between each group?

Yes, if your field trip will have multiple sessions, please allow 30 minutes between each group to reset the room.

Will aprons be provided?

Yes, we provide disposable aprons.

Can we request a custom painting to fit our learner's area of focus?

Absolutely! We’re happy to create a new painting to fit your theme at no additional charge.

Is there a deadline to provide final headcounts?

Yes, we request an estimated headcount at the time of booking and a final headcount 7 days before your event.

Do you provide a sound system?

Yes, our instructors will come prepared with a sound system.

Do you provide tables?

No, we bring protection to cover your tables. You’ll provide the tables — cafeteria tables, media center tables, and picnic tables are all great options.

Paint Night Fundraisers FAQs

How does pricing work?

Your school sets the price. We charge $17 per person for groups of 20 to 39 or $14 per person for groups of 40 to 150. Anything collected above that price goes to the school.

Do you take the event registration on your website?

We’re happy to create a registration link to take payments directly through our website if you prefer. We do not deduct the payment processing fee from your profits.

In what ways do you help support the success of our fundraiser?

We want to see your event as a fundraising success! We provide a marketing promotional pack that includes a digital flyer, social media event cover image, logo, teaser video, and a custom painting (upon request). We can also leave an example painting in your front office to help create awareness for your event.

After School Art Enrichment FAQ

How long are your art sessions?

We’re happy to customize the sessions to fit your school’s needs. Usually, each session runs 8 weeks for $140 per person, with 10% of the fee going back to the school. Our price is adjusted accordingly if the school charges a higher facility fee.

Do you screen your instructors?

Yes, all our instructors complete a Level II background screening.

Can you provide a Liability Certificate of Insurance to the school?

Yes, please let us know how you’d like the certificate holder to read.

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