The Color Express Mobile Painting Parties

About The Color Express

Creativity lives in all of us!

There’s so much joy in art. 

"Watching the delight on kids’ faces when they hold a paintbrush — sometimes for the first time."

"Seeing the excitement as they step back from the canvas to admire their work."

"The loving smiles from parents and teachers as they witness the freedom that a little paint and a canvas brings."

Art gives kids full freedom to play. No rules. No boundaries. Only independence.

The only thing more satisfying than watching a child’s eyes light up when they admire their work of art is the smiles on their parent’s faces, knowing they’re planting the seeds for lifelong creativity.


Simply put, painting makes people happy, and we think this is just one reason why The Color Express has become such a big hit in the Tampa Bay Area. 


Offering mobile art parties and painting classes, The Color Express brings the party to you. Hosting a memorable event, party, or experience has never been easier!


You supply the space and the snacks, and The Color Express brings the rest. 


You get to sit back and relax while we bring all the art supplies and the instructor. We even clean up the mess. Specializing in children's events, The Color Express proudly brings art to local schools and libraries. If you're old enough to hold a paintbrush, then you’re old enough to paint with our crew!


Let your inner child play.

There’s a child inside us all, even the most serious adult. Why let the kids have all the fun when you can come alive at a painting party with the PTA, your team, bridal shower, bachelorette, or just a mom’s night in?


You deserve the gift of creativity. Book your experience now.




Meet the Commander of Creativity

Hi, I’m Jennifer Houston

When something is right, it simply falls into place precisely as it should. And that’s exactly what happened with The Color Express. 

After getting married and welcoming four (yes, you read that right) beautiful boys to the world, I stepped away from the corporate world and became a stay-at-home mom. I didn’t give up my stilettos, though. 

While raising our kids, I had an idea. I loved to paint, and I wanted to bring painting to the kids of my mom’s group. So, I started offering free classes every month.

The kids (and the moms) loved the experience. It was a matter of weeks before the other moms asked if I could do birthday parties. 

Of course, I said, YES!

Parents at those parties asked for my business card. It wasn't a business yet. But I clearly saw the demand for children in this niche market. Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs and with my background in sales and marketing, I knew it was time to take the leap.

With the encouragement of my husband, The Color Express was born in October 2014. 


We’re on a mission to put paintbrushes in the hands of every child. 

Parents and schools love our mobile business model, meaning we bring art right to the school, library, community center, or your kitchen counter. Letting children experience the delight of crafting a masterpiece where they may not otherwise be able to do so brings a smile to our faces every day. 

When I'm not out and about in The Color Express mobile, you’ll probably find me cheering for my kids in the stands at a football or a soccer game, soaking in an epsom salt bath or happily creating new art in my studio.

Art brings us together. 

72% of Americans feel that the arts bring our communities together regardless of age, ethnicity, and race. Americans for the Arts

Witnessing The Color Express making a necessary difference in our community is an honor.


Awards & Giving Back 

St. Joseph's Children's Hospital Fundraiser, 2016 - 2018

The Color Express team enjoyed painting with patients during their Christmas in July fundraisers


PTA Fundraiser at Bexley School, 2023.

We brought The Splat Bus and The Color Express for a fun-filled family paint night. A portion of the proceeds went to the PTA, and they raised over $1,000!

Invited to Facebook Headquarters for their annual Facebook Communities Summit, 2019

Facebook chose select groups and pages they saw were making a positive impact on the world — it was a blast!

Winners of The Buccaneers Spotlight on Small Business, 2019

We’re proud to be honored by one of Tampa Bay’s greatest sports teams!


Selected to bring a painting activity to Make a Wish Foundation's children for a charity event called Beautiful Worries, 2015

We sketched the art, donated all the supplies, and held a class for kids to create a painting of their beautiful worries. The paintings were later auctioned off (plus an original painting from Jennifer, the founder) at their exhibition. I also donated an original painting that night.

We travel throughout Tampa Bay and Orlando, bringing art parties to homes, clubhouses, schools, recreation centers, office break rooms, and even park shelters for plein-air-style lessons.